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Hull numbers to track marketing

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We have many clients that have numbers with Hull VoIP that use them as main office or company numbers. However some clients also have a few extra numbers just to monitor marketing reaction so that when ever they do a marketing push a special number is used in say the printing of leaflets.

This enables our clients to exactly see whats working without having to ask callers “where did you get our number from” to be told the internet or some leaflet.

A forwarding number to any other number is just £4 +VAT a month plus call costs but no setup fees.

If you';d like more information on our telecoms and VoIP solutions in Hull then give us a call on 01482 247123 today. to support Hull VoIP for calls

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We are pleased to announced that we now offer broadband in Hull as an alternative to Karoo.

Our wireless system means you don’t need a phone line with KC or anyone else for that matter, their are no cables, exchanges to worry about. The service works very well with Hull VoIP and with the up stream having a high bandwidth it means more calls can be made at the same time using Hull Broadband


VoIP on a NDS?

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I have seen a lot of post regarding Nintendo or third parties writing software to enable the  NintendoDS to have VoIP capabilities. Why not? It has a mic, speakers and WiFi enabled perfect.

VoIP Dual WAN Router <<< more info

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If you have a large number of VoIP phones and you need more than one internet connection, say half on one connection and half on the other you might run into problems.

One connection might be used more than the other as the people on the other might be out of the office for the day.

This is where a Dual-WAN load balancing router would come in useful.  The router kind of bonds 2 connection together and evenly supplies PC’s, VoIP Phones or anything on the network for that matter. Thus coping with the d

emand of all devices.

One tried and tested is a NetGear Prosafe VPN FIREWALL 25 4GB LAN/WAN DUAL PORTS

VoIP / PSTN Dual phones

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voip-pstn We can now supply Dual phones that can handle traditional PSTN and VoIP.

This is a good move for a bullet proof system from internet interruption. You have the choice and ability to make and receive both PSTN and VoIP calls on the same phone.

We have been able to supply the Siemens C460 IP DECT Phones but they were wireless (cordless) and not really office friendly in many ways. Corded or desktop phones that have both PSTN and VoIP capabilities are very limited if not impossible to get hold of in the UK and this is a great opportunity from us.

If you wish to order or find out more about these great phones contact us by email or phone.

GrandStream GXP2000 VoIP <<< more info

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  • Multi Line Support with up to 11 Indicators (Expandable to 24)
  • Graphical LCD Display: 8 lines, 22 Characters per Line
  • Dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface
  • Headset Jack: Mono and Stereo headsets available
  • Caller ID: Display or Block (per call or permanent)
  • Call Waiting, Hold, Mute, Transfer, Forwarding
  • Integrated Power over Ethernet (802.3af and Cisco style)
  • …and much more!

Download a Brochure

Handset can be ordered when signing up to a package.

Free Trial credit reduction <<< more info

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The free trial we offer gives you a free number and line rental for one month. You then needed to add calling credit to test the service and was set at a minimum amount of £10.

This has now been reduced to only £3 to help encourage businesses to test our service.

“I thought it was FREE” Well imagine if we let everyone in the world have a free run of making calls at our cost.

£3.00 is a figure we found people most comfortable with and hope this helps people make that step to trying out our services.

Faxes sent and received with no extra Fax line or Fax machine<<< more info

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Faxes sent and received with no extra Fax line or Fax machine.

We can provide a Fax to email service through your VoIP packages but haven’t offered Email to Fax. Yet!

This is now available as a service from Hull VoIP, so businesses will be able to recieve and now send faxes.

If you want a demo of both services please contact us.

999 Emergency calls work with HULL VoIP <<< more info

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Their has been a few articles in the news about problems some companies are having regarding 999 emergency numbers and linking it to an address.

We have a system that logs the extension number to the users address where the call has been made. This has become a problem for emergency services, end users or /and other VoIP providers as their is no way of finding the true address of the VoIP caller.

Hull VoIP provide the assurance that you can use our system for emergency calls. We submit addresses of extensions to the emergency services to help them locate the callers address. If you have any questions regarding 999 calls using HULL VoIP please call to discuss it.

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