What about call quality and reliability?

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We find that as long a customers have sufficient bandwidth to operate the service correctly, they experience excellent call quality. We are able to advise on the bandwidth necessary for an optimum experience.

Our use of the service also means we are acutely aware of any problems with service which means that we resolve any issues immediately.

The only other issues can be to do with your equipment and connection to the Internet which we can help ensure you are setup correctly.

Why should I use a VoIP Phone System?

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With VoIP you can:

  • Avoid buying an expensive phone system
  • Have phone extensions in multiple locations
  • Make calls between remote offices without cost
  • Have inbound numbers in different area codes – be local in yellow pages but a single office
  • Have a flexible voicemail system with SMS and Email
  • Have unlimited capacity for calls – grow quickly
  • Get detailed call statistics
  • Ring different phones in your office at different times of day

Single User FREE Trial

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Setup: £0.00
Monthly: £0.00 for one month
Important Info: Only cost you incur are call costs and is prepaid at only £3.00 – Line and number rental are only £4.00 +VAT per month after trial period.

Not quite sure what all this VoIP fuss is about? Our free trial is perfect for you to experience our service first hand, and discover all of the benefits for yourself!

  • No setup fee.
  • £0.00 per month for 1 month.
  • £4.00 per month thereafter.
  • Geographic (01, 02) or non-geographic (08) number included.
  • International numbers are available at a surcharge.

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