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Land line calls on your lap top? <<< more info

HULL VoIP have been carrying out test with the new 3 Mobile Broadband. We have been successful and very pleased with the results we have so far.

Here’s the setup.

Sat in a bar or cafe with your laptop finishing off a few things before you get back to the office, and your laptop rings. Yes your laptop.

Using the mobility of the mobile broadband connection and a software program to enable you to make and receive your office VoIP calls. You might be thinking you’ll look a little silly talking to a screen but you can get headset or ear pieces to be more discretely when taking calls.

This works ideally in an area with 3G or HSPDA for the speed and you would notice a drop in call quality connection if your in an area outside of these.

Running costs can be as little as around £26 per month including mobile broadband to allow you to surf the net on the go.

Setup would be around £45.

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