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Hull numbers to track marketing

We have many clients that have numbers with Hull VoIP that use them as main office or company numbers. However some clients also have a few extra numbers just to monitor marketing reaction so that when ever they do a marketing push a special number is used in say the printing of leaflets.

This enables our clients to exactly see whats working without having to ask callers “where did you get our number from” to be told the internet or some leaflet.

A forwarding number to any other number is just £4 +VAT a month plus call costs but no setup fees.

If you’;d like more information on our telecoms and VoIP solutions in Hull then give us a call on 01482 247123 today.

Why should I use a VoIP Phone System?

With VoIP you can:

  • Avoid buying an expensive phone system
  • Have phone extensions in multiple locations
  • Make calls between remote offices without cost
  • Have inbound numbers in different area codes – be local in yellow pages but a single office
  • Have a flexible voicemail system with SMS and Email
  • Have unlimited capacity for calls – grow quickly
  • Get detailed call statistics
  • Ring different phones in your office at different times of day

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What about call quality and reliability?

We find that as long a customers have sufficient bandwidth to operate the service correctly, they experience excellent call quality. We are able to advise on the bandwidth necessary for an optimum experience.

Our use of the service also means we are acutely aware of any problems with service which means that we resolve any issues immediately.

The only other issues can be to do with your equipment and connection to the Internet which we can help ensure you are setup correctly.

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Do I have to have broadband to use it?

Ideally Yes, ISDN and dialup modem users may find the sound quality is much more variable. It’s important to make sure you are using the correct codec to compress the voice data if you are using a lower bandwidth line. g729a or GSM are codecs recommended for dial up and ISDN use.

On an ADSL line with 256k upstream, you can get 3 to 4 concurrent calls. When using our service in a busy office of up to 10 people, customers typically dedicate one broadband service to their phone provision.

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What sort of new number can I have?

We provide a number in your local geographical area (01 or 02), or you can choose memorable number from £20 + VAT, with Gold Silver & Bronze costing more. We also provide Spanish numbers.

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How many numbers do I need?

It depends on how many calls you expect to have at anyone time and whether you want more than one line out or in. One number gives you 2 calls, Two numbers gives you 4 calls either in or out and so on.

The extra number obtained to gain extra lines in or out doesn’t have to be used, the number only acts a mean to gain more lines.

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Can I redirect VoIP calls to another phone number or Voicemail?

Yes. You just pay the cost of diverting (which is a standard outgoing call cost).

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If I move house or office, can I keep the same number/s?

Yes – once the number is ported to a voip operator like HULL VoIP, it can be used anywhere there is an internet connection.

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Are the call charges from landline/mobile to VOIP noticeably different?

No, we provide a regular UK land line phone number, or you use your ported number, so people pay the same to call you.

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Using an adaptor like the Linksys, does that mean my laptop doesn’t have to stay switched on, if I am using a broadband router?

Yes, that’s right.

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What about my fax machine?

We do not recommend putting fax machines on VoIP lines and would suggest putting it on the PSTN line which hosts your ADSL and/or use our Fax2Email service.

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